Glow Belt

We noticed that high visibility clothing and other products were both bulky and inconvenient to carry around every day, or are outdated and have developed a stigma where people do not want to wear them.

Glowbelt is a simple piece of wearable technology. It can be wrapped around you in any way or attached to a backpack, bike or anything you can think of.

Glowbelt provides a solid or flashing light to make you highly visible to those around you.

When we designed Glowbelt, we made it compact so it fits easily into your pocket, bag or glovebox. We made it with the latest LED technology, so you can be seen from space (probably) or more around 200+ meters at night. We made it for cyclists, runners, motorcyclists, walkers, hikers, campers, roadside emergencies, and is also one size fits all so is perfect for kids too.

Paint Pal

Making decorating more enjoyable, faster and safer by giving people the freedom to move and love what they are doing.

Paint Pal is a wearable paint tray that allows people to move freely whilst decorating.

Paint Pal began its life solely as a tool for painting but has developed into a range of wearable decorating tools It comes in two sizes that allow for tools ranging from 6” paint rollers and large pasting brushes to small filler tools and ½” paint brushes.

Unlike traditional paint trays, Paint Pal is designed to be re-used, so is durable and includes easy cleaning features.