Founding Members

By looking at the world slightly differently, we at BMC are looking to solve problems and come up with new products that will have a meaningful impact to people’s lives.

Sean and James formed BMC innovations after running a successful design consultancy following years of successful product launches for various clients, and with the invaluable experience gained, BMC Innovations was formed. A multi-disciplinary design house that creates concepts, develops them, manufactures and distributes.

James Whitfield
Managing Director

Chartered product designer, and co-founder of BMC innovations James has run and been a part of a number of successful design lead start-ups.

Sean Sykes
Creative Director

Design Engineer, with a product design background and co-founder of BMC innovations. Sean worked alongside James in previous successful start-ups.

Ryan Ward
Sales & Marketing

Following a varied career in film, music distribution, PR and kitchenware, Ryan came on board at BMC to head up their sales and marketing department.